First Responder Communication Boards

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First Responder Communication Board are Essential in Emergencies

Every emergency vehicle, emergency room, emergency responder, fire or police has served someone who's in need of a communication aid. Here's an effective, inexpensive way for non-verbal people in your community to respond to First Responders in an emergency situation. A must have for all First Responders!

This communication board was designed specifically to meet the urgent medical needs of individuals who are injured and cannot speak, or do not speak English. Yes or No responses are all that's needed, even if it's "thumbs up or down" or "eyes open/closed" for yes and no's. The First Responder communication board helps picture communicators quickly explain their medical needs with first responders. Large Yes and No squares allow your patients to respond to simple yes and no questions. Easy to understand images represent common medical challenges first responders encounter that patients can point to.

The boards feature 50, hand-drawn, colorful icons depicting a patient's MAIN COMPLAINT, TYPE OF PAIN and MEDICAL HISTORY. The front side, top-half features MAIN COMPLAINT ICONS with a clock for TIME questions and answers. The bottom-half highlights icons for TYPES OF PAIN and a pain scale in the bottom corner. The backside features icons of one's MEDICAL HISTORY including medications, ailments and diseases, a number board and an alphabet for spelling. It always helps to know what medical issues a patient has and what prescriptions he takes for that condition - and others. In addition the boards offer the alphabet and numbers to help determine the what, where, when and why of a patients medical issues. Both the alphabet and numbers are listed so that users can spell out answers. Watch these in action on this video!

Available as durable, laminated boards in sets of 2 and 5. Email Customer Care for a discount on volume purchasing.



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