GoTalk Personal Talkers - 6 Pack

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  • Use a Personal Talker as a communication device for a single, frequently used message. Push the Play button to activate the message.
  • Our Personal Talker is small and portable with high sound quality.
  • Our Personal Talker is easy to deploy as a portable call button using your fist or palm.



See options: GoTalk One or GoTalk Buttons

Portable with a high quality recorder, Personal Talkers can be used for spoken reminders or as a call button. Record your message and then push the large PLAY button to hear the message. A picture or written information can be placed on the outside or inside.

The pocket-sized Personal Talker is 2.5" x 2.5" with ten seconds of recording time, enough time for several sentences. A pen point is needed to record your message, eliminating accidental erasure/record over. If pushing the PLAY button is too difficult, use the self adhesive “bumper” (included) and simply press on the cover to activate the message using the whole size of the talker.

Each Personal Talker is 2 1/2" square by 1/2". Weight: 1.6 oz. Uses L1154 button batteries (included). 



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