Printable Adult Communication Boards: Daily Living Set

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  • Printable set of communication boards for activities of daily living
  • Example cold drinks choice board
  • Example activities choice board
  • Example communication board for getting dressed



NEW! Printable, Daily Living Board set provides 22 essential choice boards for daily living activities

If a loved one has severe speech challenges, he or she can still stay independent by making choices about activities throughout the day. This downloadable set of 22 boards allows choice-making for activities, comments, breakfast, cold drinks, clothing, assistive devices, dressing, feelings, groceries, hot drinks. ice cream, places to go, lunch, mealtime needs, music, questions snacks, sports and visitors. Instructions on how to use the boards is included. Communication boards support speech therapy and occupational therapy goals.

Each board measures 8.5" x 11" and overs 12 topical choices. Large size images are 1.5" square with large, legible words in English. Print out the individual boards on cardstock so you can share them with caregivers. Keep them together in a 3-ring binger or similar so they are always handy. We recommend laminating them so they are more durable and can be wiped clean. 

These boards are also included in our Big Picture Caregiving Communication Book.

Select your usage options above: Individual/single user or Professional/multi-client user:
Family caregivers can use the single user option with their loved one. Professionals who work with multiple clients should choose the multi-user option. Please contact us for multi-site usage, rsargent(at)





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