Talking Mats Consultations

Talking Mats Consultations

Talking Mats Consultations

Talking Mats improves lives. Ask us about a free Talking Mats consultation!

Talking Mats is a powerful communication framework designed to help people with speech and communication difficulties express their views and opinions. Sadly, many people with speech challenges are not able to fully participate in their care planning or more likely, are never even asked because there is no way for them to answer. Talking Mats provides those answers!

Through 1:1 consultation, Talking Mats gives individuals with communication difficulties the opportunity to express his/her thoughts, feelings and opinions using pictures. Using this non-judgmental assessment approach, individuals can demonstrate their preferences or concerns on many topics.  Talking Mats can be used with children or adults, regardless of their diagnosis or ability to speak. 

Use Talking Mats to:
Ensure the individuals views are at the center of service planning
Ensuring that people who struggle with speech can express their view and feelings
Explore how an adult with aphasia is managing following their stroke
Encourage a student with a communication disability to express feelings about school
Help people be more actively involved in their care
Enable a young adult to express opinions about activities at home or in the community
Help an adult express how he/she is coping following an illness

Talking Mats is a researched-based methodology developed by speech and language therapists at the University of Stirling in Scotland. It's used widely in the UK, Europe and Australia and now is available in Massachusetts or beyond thanks to the Internet! Especially during the COVID pandemic, we use the digital version of Talking Mats which can be done via Zoom on a desktop computer or iPad. 

To learn more about Talking Mats consultations, please contact Randi Sargent, Certified Talking Mats Practitioner at rsargent(at) or call 1-866-544-9540. 

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    Talking Mats Consultations

    Talking Mats improves lives Talking Mats is a powerful communication framework designed to help people with communication difficulties express their feelings, views and opinions. Done as a 1:1 consultation, an individual with a communication difficulty...