Caregiver Cards | Spanish

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  • Caregiver Cards - Visual Cue Cards for Adults with Dementia, Alzheimer's, in Spanish
  • Ring bound deck of picture cards in Spanish
  • Caregiver Cards |  Spanish
  • Caregiver Cards |  Spanish
  • Caregiver Cards |  Spanish
  • Caregiver Cards |  Spanish


Caregiver Cards for People with Dementia, Now Available in Spanish

Caregiver cue cards on rings provide essential visual cues that improve communication, promote independence and reduce anxiety for adults with memory and cognitive challenges who live at home or in care settings. Caregiver Cue Cards use simple picture prompts to improve communication, express feelings and emotions, reduce anxiety and enhance understanding for people with memory and cognitive challenges due to dementia, Alzheimer's disease, autism and other cognitive disabilities.

Bilingual Spanish English Caregiver Cards are designed for people who understand and/or speak very little Spanish and are interested in utilizing an effective communication tool during routine care. An essential aid for helping adults understand and engage in activities at home or in residential care settings. Easy-to-use, compact set of 82 cards containing 153 illustrations with English to Spanish, large font translations for all illustrations, and 2 blank, dry-erase cards for customization that help prompt your loved one to understand and communicate easier allowing for more engagement, participation, and independence in self-care and social activities. Dry-erase marker included.

This handy, compact set of double sided cards includes simple black and white illustrations that prompt your loved one to understand and participate more independently in self-care and social activities. This deck of 76 picture cards is ring-bound so it opens easily to the desired color-coded section. Cards are laminated so they can be wiped clean. Blank cards and a dry eraser marker are included so you can personalize the deck with other specific center or activity cues. 

The deck includes picture cues covering:

  • Basic Activities of Daily Living
  • Instrumental Activities of Daily Living
  • Activities
  • Commands & Prompts
  • Emotions and Feelings
  • Events, People and Places
  • Personalize using the dry erase marker provided

Watch the Video tab above to learn more!

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