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"Very useful. Mom had a stroke and it is helping her to identify item, emotions, and needs. The caregiver speaks another language. The book also helps them to communicate."
- Leslie M, family caregiver

"Thank you for creating this! It looks to be very helpful! :)"
- Diana P, family caregiver

"Thank you for providing this service. Mom is 95 with sudden onset dementia sometimes aggravated by UTIs. She'll be moving into a good memory care home and this will help."
- Anne B, family member, Austin TX

"I just wanted to thank you for having the kind of materials that my elderly mother can use to communicate since her stroke. I searched the web for materials for days and had almost given up hope at finding anything made for people in my mom’s situation. You really provide a wonderful service to a very small niche of people in need."
- Pamela L, family member

"After reading a recent post from you on the PACT yahoo group, I followed the link to your site and was very impressed. I really appreciate your putting together such a complete and needed resource for others. Thank you!"  
- Faye S.

"The product line Randi Sargent offers AAC users, families, and professionals are so functional and creative. From the simple personalized name stamps to the varied collection of easy-to-use display systems, these tools from Say It With Symbols offer teams practical solutions for real-life. It is one of the resources that I consistently share with teams in both my consultations and training sessions!"
- Phyl T. Macomber, Assistive Technology Specialist,

"Thank you very much for checking in about my order. I appreciate the customer service you guys always provide. Thank You!"
- Cara F, parent, MA

"Your site continues to grow! Very impressive. I've shared your site with many in my workshops as your products are certainly unique.....and so appropriate for those in the AAC world."
- Pat Mervine, Speech Pathologist,

"I love your site and in fact, I included it in a compilation called AAC Resources for Families. It fit perfectly in the chapter: Connecting with others! You are right on target with your efforts to increase awareness. Your work is so important to the AAC community and the disability community at large."
- Pam H, parent, IL

"Great site for anyone touched by special needs. It was easy to place my order and the merchandise arrived promptly. I would order from this site again in a heartbeat."
- Kelli Y, parent, TX