Compact Adult Picture Communication Boards - Printable

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  • Sample pages, Portable Adult Communication Book
  • Sample pages, Portable Adult Communication Book
  • Sample pages, Portable Adult Communication Book


Our printable adult picture communication boards help adults with speech challenges, as well as non-English speaking adults, communicate their needs and preferences to caregivers and family. 

NEW Printable option saves time and shipping cost, ideal for professionals to use with multiple clients!

BEST SELLER! Adults who are not able to speak due to stroke, intubation or brain injury can still make choices about their daily living using picture communication boards. Communication choice boards with pictures and words help adults with speech limitations, as well as non-English speaking adults, express their feelings, needs and wants to family and caregivers. Our adult communication boards are an ideal small size for users who want their communication aids with them at home or out in restaurants and activities. 

Our no-wait digital option of our Portable Adult Communication Book offers all 28 boards in printable PDF format saving you the expense and time delay of shipping. Order the Digital Download version to receive one PDF file containing all the printable pages. The printable option is ideal for multi-client use by professionals, especially outside the US, where shipping costs can be prohibitive. Single use version can be used by family caregivers outside the US.

Adults with speech difficulties as a result of stroke, dementia, brain injury or cognitive disability will appreciate being able to make choices using symbol-based communication boards appropriate for their daily needs. Users simply point to the pictures using a finger or stylus to indicate their choice. These small size communication boards work best for a user who can understand and point to a picture using a finger or stylus, and will not be confused by many choices on a page. If your user has vision, comprehension and movement limitations and would benefit from larger pictures, please see our Big Picture Caregiving Communication boards.  Each board is approx 4" x 6" to fit into a small notebook in a handbag or on a wheelchair. Choose the boards you wish to use with the user, cut them out and include them on a small binder or album of your choice.

Communication Board Set Contents: 30 pre-made communication boards

Our Portable Adult Communication book includes 28 pre-made, topical communication boards, including 330+ pictures to choose from. Each communication board offers 12 - 1" adult-appropriate simple, colorful drawings (see 1" example shown above) in a small, compact size. Users simply point to the pictures to indicate their choice. Topical picture boards enable users to communicate and indicate choices about their feelings, health, basic needs, visitors, places to go, activities, exercise, personal care, food, beverages, grocery shopping, health & beauty aids, meal choices and other choices to support activities of daily living. Also includes are boards for About Me pages, yes/no, WH questions, alphabet spelling boards and comments. Extra blank pages are provided to personalize the vocabulary. Print out the color PDFs on white card stock or heavy weight paper. Cut out the desired boards, then insert them into a photo-type album. Instructions provided. Picture album holder is not included with the digital options.

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Select your usage options above: Individual, single user or Professional, multi-client user
Family caregivers can use the single user option with their loved one. Professionals who work for organizations with multiple clients should choose the multi-user option.

Also available in pre-printed format: Compact Adult Communication Book. Assembly required. 







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