Emergency Medical Communication Go Bag

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  • Emergency Medical Communication Go Bag kit communication boards come in a handy bright red drawstring bag/
  • Bright red drawstring "Go Bag"
  • Health Care Communication Board, laminated, two sides
  • Alphabet Letter Board, laminated
  • My Pain Alert Picture Pain Scale Chart
  • Feelings Communication Board, black and white, for men and women
  • My Health Passport
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Have your own emergency medical communication Go Bag ready for an unexpected hospital, ED visit or surgery

Keep this Medical Communication Go Bag ready for emergencies when a nonspeaking person you care for requires a trip to the emergency room, an urgent care or PCP visit, or even planned surgery. Grab this bag to help them communicate if they are not able to speak for them self.

Our personal Medical Communication Go Bag" includes several picture communication boards needed for expressing needs, pain points and levels, and more when they may not be able to speak. This set of essential, no-tech picture communication boards can be used to respond to health questions from nurses, doctors, first responders, EMTs so they treat quickly and accurately. The patient simply points to a picture to express their feelings and needs, to advocate for their own care.

Our portable Go Bag kit includes these 6 communication aids: each board is approx. 9" x 11" 

FREE Red nylon drawstring backpack for storing communication aids, AAC, personal care supplies, comfort items and anything else a patient may need in an unfamiliar setting

1 Guidelines on what to include in an emergency communication kit.

1 Health Care Communication Board (double sided, laminated)

1 Alphabet Letter Board (laminated) with a dry erase marker for writing messages

My Pain Alert Pain Scale Chart (size 8.5" x 5")

1 Feelings Communication Board (laminated)

1 My Health Passport medical information form (black and white to use as a template)
   Courtesy of Florida Center for Inclusive Communities

1 Dry Erase Marketing for writing messages

Contact us at 1-866-544-9540 or to create a custom emergency communication kit for your organization!


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