Horse Therapy Communication Kit

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  • Horse Therapy Communication Kit
  • Horse Therapy Communication Kit


Horseback riders with special needs can command their horse during therapeutic riding lessons with these simple and durable communication devices.

Using our specially-created Horseback Riding Communication Kit, riders with special needs can independently make choices and give directions to their horse (and instructors!) during their therapeutic riding or hippotherapy session. Help riders experience a new sense of control and fun during their riding session while working on concepts such as go/stop, left/right, inside/outside and more!

These light-weight single message communication devices mount easily to any saddle giving the rider access to your selection of relevant messages within reach. Simply include a picture or symbol related to your riding session, record a short message and the child activates a spoken message by touching it. For example, Graham (above) directs his horse with "Ride on, whoa, left and right." These devices are durable enough to be used over and over, and can be easily adapted for different riders and horses.

Our Riding Communication Kit includes:

* 1 specially-mounted four pack of single message communicators in a flat plastic holder that can be adapted to use on a variety of pads, saddles, etc. with clips and/or velcro. (In the above photo, the device has been attached to a surcingle with 2 double-ended clips.)

* 2 single message Buttons that stick to the saddle pad with velcro. Use these to expand the communication choices to six, or for extra messages or for students who benefit from an easy hit communicator.

* 1 laminated communication board with riding-related choices.

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"These seemingly simple devices can, for a non-verbal rider, give them the "words" to communicate to their horse, instructor and volunteer. The students love to be able to clearly express their wishes and feelings to us without any struggle. We currently have 4 students using the devices in their lessons and all are having success with it. All therapeutic riding programs should have this for their students." - A. Dingman, Associate Director and Instructor, Friends For Tomorrow, Inc., Lincoln MA
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