Possible Shipping Delays - July/Aug 2020

The COVID pandemic has effected small businesses as well as families. Giving Greetings Publishing relies on the US Postal Service to deliver our communication aids cost-effectively, six days a week. We ship USPS Priority Mail Service, First Class Parcel Service as well as Express Mail. All have historically delivered within 1-3 days from leaving our office. As a small business, we support the USPS!

As the pandemic expanded across borders, we started hearing from customers outside the US that packages were not being delivered. USPS tracking service only goes as far as Customs offices and then gets handed off to local postal service for door to door delivery. At this point, it's out of our hands. Due to an increase in undelivered orders, we have temporarily stopped shipping orders internationally. We continue to ship in the US and Canada. We look forward to returning to our usual shipping once COVID-related restrictions have been lifted.

Unfortunately, a recent article reports that shipping delays have hit the US. Mail order customers are experiencing longer delivery times even within the US. We continue to turnaround your orders in 1-2 business days and put our products into the hands of USPS. We apologize in advance if shipping takes longer than anticipated but know that we will continue to ship most orders same day or next to get your communication aids to you as quickly as possible. Hopefully, this too shall pass. Thank you for your support.

Aug 04, 2020 Randi Sargent

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