Personalized Name Stamps | Sign it with Stamps

Personalized Name Stamps | Sign it with Stamps

Personalized Name Stamps  |  Sign it with Stamps

Personalized Name Stamps for Students & More! 

As a leading provider of therapeutic, self-inking name stamps for students, Giving Greetings is your source for personalized name stamps that fit any students' abilities and achieve  their writing goals. Most orders ship in 1-2 business days when ordered online! 
Recommended by occupational therapists and special educators, personalized name stamps allow students with disabilities to independently "sign" their work just like their peers even when they cannot write. Great for improving self-esteem! Self-inking name stamps are a great activity for developing hand-eye coordination, working on fine motor skills and meeting IEP writing goals. Our Signature Stamps enable adults with disabilities to sign important documents and checks.
Our high quality, self-inking name stamps come in a variety of accessible case sizes, fonts and ink colors that can be customized to fit your user's needs. Will last for years! Stamps can be personalized using many popular fonts including our exclusive traceable dotted fonts available in print and cursive. Our inks are non-toxic and washable and are recommended to use with children over age 3. Case colors vary by availability. Can't find what you need? Contact us at
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Email your purchase order to us at or create an online account with us to keep track of your orders. Most online orders ship directly to school in 1-2 days!  See Ordering Info/FAQs tab at top for billing information. 
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  • Student Name Stamps come with a black case, sizes vary from small to extra large

    Student Name Stamps

    A personalized name stamp is a great assistive device for students learning to write their names BEST SELLER! Self-inking personalized name stamps assist students of all abilities with signing papers, classroom work, art projects, exams and even...
  • Traceable name stamps in dotted print and cursive fonts

    Traceable Name Stamp

    Our traceable name stamp gives students practice tracing dotted letters in their own name Help students learn to print by tracing their own name! Our exclusive Learn To Write personalized traceable name stamps help kids learn to print or improve their...
  • Ink refill bottle for self-Inking stamps

    Ink Refills for Stamps

    Order Ink Refills for your Self-Inking Stampers For use with our self -inking stamps and ink pads. Non-toxic - free of heavy metal. Washable but keep away from clothing or furniture. As with stampers, only use with supervision for children under age 3.*...
  • Name stamp for clothing with permanent ink.

    Name Stamp for Clothing

    Permanent ink name stamps for clothing are perfect for labeling clothing so they won't get lost at residential living settings, school and day programs. Clothing stamps are easy to use and a huge timer saver! Our special ink is made just for clothing...
  • Large self-inking stamp ideal for signatures

    Signature Name Stamp

    Personalized signature name stamps are a great option for adults with disabilities that affect their fine motor skills. Adults with disabilities can use our signature stamps to "sign" important forms, checks and other even legal documents independently...
  • Labeling Clothing Just Got Easier with our 1-Day Camp Stamp!

    Camp Stamps for Clothing

    Labeling clothing just got easier with our self-inking Camp Stamp! Made in 2-3 days when ordered online here! Our self-inking clothing stamp is perfect for labeling clothes for campers. Stamping clothing helps lost items get returned to their rightful...
  • Personalized Stamps Enable Everyone to Sign Cards & Gifts!

    Self-inking Greeting Card Stamp

    Everyone loves receiving cards! Using our self-inking stamps, people who cannot write can participate in giving by signing cards. Our personalized greeting card stamps are a great way for people of all ages and abilities to stamp their names on holiday...
  • Self-inking  Date Stamp - size Large

    Date Stamps for Schools

    NEW! Heavy duty, self-inking date stamps for busy special education departments Use our professional quality date stamps to speed up the process for tracking IEPs and other important school documents. This self-inking stamp displays the time and date of...
  • Custom Stamp Designs

    Custom Stamp Designs

    Let us create a custom stamp for your organization or cause! We can create a high quality self-inking stamp design with your logo or any artwork to represent your organization. We've made stamps for non-profit fundraisers, museums - even Burning Man...
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  • Self-inking Circle Stamp Helps Kids Complete School Work Independently

    Self-Inking Round Circle Stamp

    Our self-inking Circle Stamp helps students who cannot write complete school worksheets independently. Student can press down on our own circle stamp to mark their answers on their worksheets independently. Great for completing work on standardized...
  • Help Kids Check Their School Work

    Self-inking Check Mark Stamp

    Check Mark Stamp Helps Kids Check Their School Work Use our self-inking Check Mark stamp to help kids who cannot write complete their school work independently. Use our check mark stamp to help kids tick or mark their answers on worksheets or...