Pocket Picture Translator

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  • Point to pictures in this Pocket Translator to communicate!
  • Picture Translator is small, fits in your hand and pocket.
  • Pocket Picture Translator
  • Pocket Picture Translator


NEW HERE! This Pocket Picture Translator is a small picture communication aid for adults living with speech loss and enjoying community travels! 

Our Pocket Picture Translator explains your needs to anyone around you, and literally fits in your pocket! 

  • Compact, credit card sized communicator has 20 pages folding easily between the durable polymer case with magnetic clasp. Easily fits in your pocket or purse.
  • Simply point to the object and cover the essentials!  Note: images are small.
  • Pages cover questions, personal needs, shopping, postal services, work, travel needs (rooms, view, services)

Covers a range of topics and needs with over 300 graphics, including: 

Basics: Bathroom, Police, Fire, Medic, Telephone, Money Exchange, Postal, Shipping, Personal Needs, Questions, Other Services
Hotel and Lodging: Room contents, Views
Work: Computers, Communication Equipment, Writing and Office Supplies, Media, Miscellaneous
Restaurants: Restaurant Type (price), Market, Utensils, Condiments, Alcohol and Beverages, Modes of preparation, Doneness
Food: Fruit, Vegetables, Breads, Starch, Meat, Dairy, Seafood, Eggs and Poultry
Traveling: Ticket and Baggage needs, Diplomatic issues, Car needs, Road types and Directions, Worship

Hear from a Reviewer:

I am a Speech-Language Pathologist and I work with people who have aphasia. I am always on the lookout for small, inexpensive communication aids for my clients. I found this to be very useful. It fits neatly in a pocket. People with aphasia have communication deficits due to a "brain thing". Most often it is due to stroke, but can be the result of a traumatic Brain injury (TBI), brain infection or a degenerative brain disorder. Aphasia can impact communication output systems (getting info from you to the world): talking, writing and making meaningful gestures..."   From AphasiaLady

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