Doctor's Office Visual Support Package

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Help Patients with Special Needs Have a Better Doctors' Visits

Going to the doctors office for a well or sick visit, can be very stressful and scary for some children and adults with cognitive disabilities. What's going to happen? Is he going to touch me? Using a visual schedule that describes the visit step by step with familiar picture symbols can help patients understand and allows the patient to have a more comprehensive exam and a better experience.

Our Doctors Office Visual Support Package is designed using picture symbols that illustrate ten activities, in sequence, that typically occur at a well visit. Some feelings symbols are also included so the patient can express comments or questions. Each schedule board is 8.5" x 11" and laminated for durability and cleaning.

Our Doctors Office Visual Support Kit include:

  •  Working with your office staff to design a customized schedule that describes the sequence of activities of your practice.
  •  Inclusion of your logo and other branding requirements of your practice.
  •  Six laminated schedule boards you can wipe clean and use over and over again.
  •  One PDF version of your custom schedule to make available on your website so clients can download the schedule in preparation for their visit.

 * Please note your credit card will be charged up front to start work on your custom order.

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