Fabric Symbol Holder / Note book Cover

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Use this Fabric Symbol Holder to organize picture symbols for Talking Mats or PECs sessions

Using our Fabric Symbol Holder, you can offer many picture choices to help someone your care for make choices about thier care. Select the appropriate pictures you want to use for choices (beverage choices for example) and attach them to the cover of the notebook with velcro-type fasteners which are included. The user can make his/her choice by simply pointing or handing you their chosen picture choice. Having the pictures and display together in one place make it easy to create endless communication opportunities to engage adults in their caregiving preferences. Can be used as a binder cover or mat for Talking Mats sessions! 

Size: opens to 22" x 12"

Includes: 50 small, 1/2" Velcro dots to affix to picture symbols

Pictures not included but these can be purchased separately. See our section on Picture Sets for Adults for sources of images.


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