Giving Greetings Launches New Website for Family Caregivers - November 2019

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  November 18, 2019  

Picture Communication Products Speak for Loved Ones Who Can’t

New website for caregivers launches during National Family Caregiver Month

SUDBURY, MA - It’s a stress-provoking scene that’s repeated daily in thousands of homes - a loved one is discharged to home after a hospital stay with complex needs following a stroke, surgery or brain injury. Family members suddenly become family caregivers. Now imagine that your loved one can’t speak and can’t express their needs, emotions or pain. Giving Greetings Publishing launches their new website,, that provides picture-based communication products so non-verbal loved ones no longer need to struggle in silence.

Randi Sargent, family caregiver and founder of, publishes picture communication products that enable caregivers to help their non-verbal loved ones regain their independence by having a say in their care. “There may be lots of medications to administer, appointments with doctors and therapists and possibly even equipment you now need to learn how to use. When someone can’t speak, you’re forced to guess at how to meet their care needs. As a caregiver for my non-verbal son and later my mother, I quickly learned that communication aids for caregiving did not exist, so I created them to help families like mine,” says Sargent. offers a curated collection of easy-to-use communication books and devices featuring pictures and words that are specifically designed for adult caregiving. “Giving people who have aphasia, ALS, a brain injury or developmental disability a voice is vital to improving their healing and reducing frustration. Now this unique category of products can be purchased without a prescription on our web store and on Amazon. We ship priority or express mail because the need is that urgent,” explained Sargent. Most products are available with different accessibility options to accommodate the needs of many users as well as Spanish speakers. Her products are used in homes, rehab centers, nursing homes and hospices across the US.

SayitwithSymbols’ re-designed mobile-friendly website launches during National Family Caregiver Month in November to make caregiving easier for more than 65 million Americans who care for their aging or disabled loved ones (National Alliance for Caregiving). Family caregivers along with nurses, speech pathologists and other caring professionals can better care for non-verbal loved ones using products designed with visuals that say it with symbols.


For more information, contact Randi Sargent,, 1-866-544-9540, on the web at, Facebook @, Twitter @sayitwithsymbol.

Nov 15, 2019 Randi Sargent

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